For non-urgent matters best ask the question by e-mail, this prevents misunderstandings.



We can be reached by phone during office hours (9 am – 5:30 pm) at:

Support 085 – 30 30 999
Sales 085 – 30 30 992
Administration 085 – 30 30 993
General 085 – 30 30 990

Customers with a service agreement can call the service number on their contract outside office hours.

Financial data

Chamber of Commerce 09083919
IBAN NL63RABO0124080545
VAT nr NL814834280B01


For mail and / or visit:
Site4U B.V.
Costerweg 1-E
6702 AA Wageningen

Measures related to Corona virus

During the recent outbreak of the coronavirus in the Netherlands, our services continue unchanged:
Monitoring continues 24 hours a day as usual.
Incident reports from the servers will be picked up and resolved immediately.

In addition, the following measures have been taken:
Employees / system administrators are spread out to work at different locations so that there is no environmental contact with colleagues. Naturally VPN connections are used for this (as usual).
Measures that are prescribed by RIVM and local authorities are being followed.