Site4U has been taken over by Cloudprovider Fundaments from Enschede.
With this step we have more technical knowledge on board and we can further expand our product range for customers.


The data center activities are certralized as much as possible at BIT in Ede.
The platforms in Haarlem and Zurich have been discontinued. A new fall-back location has been started up in Amsterdam.
Links with the public cloud have been extensively researched and are ready for production.


Site4U has implemented a new security model within its VMWare platform. Security rules can now be introduced at many levels. Site4U also set up a new website this year.


Site4U has implemented many innovations in its backup software and equipment. This guarantees flexibility and scalability.


Site4U obtains the ISO 27001 certificate. This certificate is valid for three years and concerns the complete service of Site4U. ISO 27001 is an international ISO standard for information security.


Site4U has completely renewed its VMWare platform in Ede. In addition, a new storage supplier has been chosen The performance of the new platform is of great satisfaction to everyone. The platform is connected to 10GB network switches. Site4U now also provides services for desktop virtualization. This year, Site4U has also put together a completely new Linux shared hosting environment based on CPanel.


Site4U’s services are increasingly developing in the management of complex platforms for customers. The customer friendliness of Site4U’s service desk is highly valued by its customers.


Site4U has broadened the possibilities of the Netherlands by setting up a large VMWare platform in Haarlem. This platform collaborates with a partner company in Haarlem.
Site4U has expanded its backup options with the possibility of making backup with snapshots.


Site4U starts working outside the Netherlands. Site4U has purchased a new platform and placed it in a data center in Zurich. This Site4U meets the wishes of Swiss customers to be able to host their own country (outside the EU). The platform is also available to other customers who want to host outside the EU and for customers who want to host their servers in a second location outside the Netherlands.


The VMWare Platform is expanding rapidly. The number of physical dedicated servers is rapidly diminishing. For the same number of servers, only 40% of the amount of electricity is used. The racks for the VMWare Enterprise Plus platform equipment are completely redesigned to meet all safety and stability requirements.


Site4U is going to reduce the number of suppliers. Especially for purchasing domains, the number of suppliers is drastically reduced.
As a result of the virtualization of many servers, the number of rented racks in the datacenter can be reduced.
Site4U takes over the hosting of a small hosting party.


Site4U is officially VMWare Hosting Partner and purchases a robust cluster for virtualization of a large part of the equipment. This way, Site4U saves a lot of energy and can respond more quickly to capacity changes for the server park.
Site4U develops my.site4u.nl as a portal for customers.


Some platforms (mail and shared hosting) are renewed and fully equipped in accordance with the requirements of Site4U (high availability and reliability).
Site4U tests extensively all kinds of virtualization techniques and comes to the conclusion that VMWare’s service is the best option. A test set-up is tested extensively for several months.


Due to the difficult accessibility and the limited expansion possibilities of the various locations in Amsterdam, Site4U moves all the equipment to the datacenter Bit-2A in Ede. At this location Site4U can expand considerably, there is plenty of power available and the data centre is a close to the office. For redundancy of some applications, Site4U also rents space at Evoswitch in Haarlem in addition to the location in Ede. The location XS4All in Amsterdam is also still active.


To expand further, Site4U rents rack space at True in Amsterdam Amstel.


Together with Kixtart Internet, a private data space is rented within Telecity/Redbus. Site4U grows rapidly, the customer base is shifting more and more towards the business market. In addition to the space at Telecity, space is also rented from XS4All for part of the activities.


Site4U moves all equipment to Telecity/Redbus.


The company focuses entirely on the hosting market and continues under the name Site4U.


The custom software is sold and the company focuses entirely on hosting and building websites. Interactive Network Systems no longer rents its servers in the USA, but places their own equipment in a datacenter in Amsterdam.


Site4U is launched as a trade name for all hosting activities. The company still makes customised software, websites and provides the hosting of these sites.


TeleOffice continues under the name of Interactive Network Systems. The company’s focus shifts to developing custom software, especially for industrial applications. In addition, a number of websites are being developed.


Site4U is founded as TeleOffice Internet and multimedia Service. The company mainly focuses on building multimedia software and websites in the Wageningen region.