Managed servers

For large companies, busy sites or complex hosting Site4U offers managed hosting.

Managed hosting at Site4U means complete outsourcing from system and software management to the application or website. As a customer, you remain responsible for your own applications and/or websites.
Thanks to years of experience in software development and the hosting of complex platforms, we can provide our customers with expert advice.

Advantages of a managed server:

  • Server in your own Site4U cloud environment
  • Website or application quickly accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Capacity (memory, processor power and storage) can be easily expanded or scaled
  • Several Service Level agreements possible
  • Linux or Windows

Service Managed Servers

Incidents and support within office hours

Customers with SLA-5 and above receive response to support questions within 4 hours. Customers with SLA-3 and customers without SLA agreement receive response according to the Next Business Day principle.
Malfunctions are immediately tackled. The highest possible uptime is pursued for customers and Site4U wants to fulfill the guarantees issued.

Incidents and support outside office hours

In case of support requests outside of business hours, we first need to consider whether there is a right to support according to the service agreement. If so, customers can contact the phone number as stated in the service agreement.
In case of malfunctions, our employees are usually already warned by the monitoring system, but customers can also contact the phone number as stated in the service agreement in such cases.

Monitoring of Availability

Managed servers are checked day and night for availability with our monitoring system Nagios. If a server or service on a server is not available, this system sends a notification to one of our employees, who will then take action. In case of short disturbances, the fault will first be resolved, then the customer will be informed. In the event of more serious malfunctions, the customer will be contacted by telephone.

Servers are monitored on the following processes:

  • Server availability via ping: 24 hours a day, notification via SMS and email.
  • Availability database server: 24 hours a day notification via SMS and email.
  • Diskspace: 24-hour notification via email, during office hours via SMS.
  • Server Load: 24-hour notification via email, during office hours via SMS.
  • Other processes are monitored as specified by the customer.


Webstatistics by Awstats according to standard configuration.

Updates and patches.

Security updates are executed within a month, critical updates as soon as possible (within a few days).


A managed server has a maximum of 1 hour of management per month.


In a service agreement it is usually included that daily backups are made of managed servers. Site4U makes daily backups to a location 1 km away from the data center. This is sent over our own fiber optic connection. For backups we use the following schemes:

  • Monthly a full backup. This is kept for three months.
  • Weekly a differential backup, ie all files that have been modified with respect to the last full backup. These are kept for 5 weeks.
  • Daily an incremental backup,ie all files that have been modified with respect to the previous backup. These are kept 8 days.

In consultation with the customer it is possible to opt for different backup schedules.