FortiClient VPN for Windows

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Site4U provides you with a user name and password.

Using the Site4U FortiClient VPN on Windows works as follows:

If you have not used the VPN server before

  • Go to and choose “login”.
  • After logging in you will see a new page where you can download various FortiClients. For Windows choose “Download FortiClient” –> Windows. This page can also be accessed directly via: You will find FortiClients for IOS, Android, Windows, Linux and Mac OSX there.
  • After downloading, run the installation program.
    For proper operation, only the check mark “Secure Remote Access” is required.


Use after installation

Once you have installed the software, click in the FortiClient on “REMOTE ACCESS” –> “Configure VPN

For “Remote Gateway” enter ““. Click Save to save the connection.


FortiClient via the Windows Store

If you have installed the FortiClient via the “Windows Store”, you can go below Network settings –> VPN –> “Add a VPN connection

Choose the VPN-provider “FortiClient“.

For “servername or -address” use